My “Heavy” Heart

This weekend I just finished the season of America’s Next Top Model 2.0. I was convinced that I just liked the competition part of the show, and that in no way was it affecting me. However, once I finally completed the season I found myself looking up the winner. I was eyeing her pictures, astounded […]

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Prayer is all wrong

  Prayer is powerful. I don’t think we as humans realize how powerful it is when we call on the name of the Lord. Sometimes we pray because it feels like that is “what we are supposed to do.” Other times, we do it because we desperately need to call out to the Father with […]

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Hurt or the Healer?

  What in your life has you hurting? What pain do you try to forget when your head hits the pillow, but as soon as your alarm goes off you start to feel the ache that you so badly wanted to forget? Maybe it’s cancer, or it’s a hole of severe depression you can’t quite […]

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